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Our mission : Provide easy to use scheduling tools to help every company work more efficiently, saving time and money.


What We Do

At 'Schedule it' we provide great scheduling software to help you plan any type of resource. If you are planning work for staff, clients, training courses, equipment or rooms our software is designed to help you easily plan them all in one application.

Our Journey

'Schedule it' started in 2004 after a 4 month search for some easy to use, powerful, scheduling software. After testing many products that were either too complicated or missing important features, and with 24 years software and design experience, our founder Mark Ballance decided to create the missing product.

After a few years of great feedback from many users, and an ever increasing demand for the software, Mark made the decision to leave his current employer and setup Schedule it Ltd. Since then the company has grown substantially, and our products are now used by thousands of companies in over 50 countries.

Why Choose Us

We come to work everyday to see what we can do to make our products even easier for you to use whilst delivering more time saving features.

Our products are trusted and used by companies around the world and these include names you will know like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Shell, Shell Lubricants, UK MOD, Royal Navy, Fujitsu-siemens, BAE Systems, SAAB Group, O2, NHS Trusts, Siemens Power Generation, Network Rail, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Qualcomm, L-3 Communications, Jaguar Land Rover, JP Morgan...

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During a recent interview Mark said "Although I am proud of the global clients we work with, I am also excited to be helping and working with many start-ups and mid-size businesses to improve their scheduling to maximise their profits and time.", he continues "With every decision we make, and every product and feature we provide, we always make sure it fits with our mission which is to help every company save time and money."


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