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Installing, Requirements and Setup

  • Scheduling on a network with multiple users ?
  • Can we use scheduling software on Windows 8 and 10?
  • How to open older databases in version 7 ?
  • Minimum requirements needed to install Schedule it ?
  • Are there any installation options to automate installations ?

    Purchasing and Licensing

  • How much is the desktop scheduling license price/cost ?
  • Is there a view/read only license option available ?
  • How much is the online scheduling license price/cost ?
  • How do I renew our licenses ?
  • How long does it take to get my purchased licenses ?
  • Schedule it Desktop Questions

  • Latest desktop updates, changelog and version history
  • How to send and receive email alerts and invitations ?
  • Scheduling with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Calendars ?
  • How to use Internet subscription calendars, iCal and ICS links?
  • Customise the reports/templates and change the tags ?

    Schedule it Online Questions

  • Latest online updates, changelog and version history
  • How to synchronise my desktop and cloud databases ?
  • How to add calendar subscriptions, iCal, ICS to your iPhone or iPad?
  • View schedules on an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows?
  • How to add calendar subscriptions to your Google Calendar?
  • Videos Guides and Tutorials

  • Video - Schedule it, scheduling software introduction
  • Video - How to show charts and graphs for filtered data
  • Video - How to setup Outlook/Exchange calendar Integration
  • Video - Adding a new group, resource, customer, engineer, people, staff or event type
  • Video - Categorizing your events for views and reports

    Support and Issues

  • iPad/iPhone - QuotaExceededError: Dom exception 22
  • How to Sync with BlackBerry's using ICS files ?
  • Telephone call, demonstration or remote desktop support ?
  • The best scheduling solution for office and remote staff ?
  • "Warning 1910. Could not remove Shortcut XXXXX.lnk."

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