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Cloud licenses are purchased in 1, 6 or 12 months, for each unique user name used to login. The latest prices can be found on our Prices page /purchaseonline.php. If you are connecting live to your cloud database via our desktop software a license is also needed for each PC that is connecting.

Each free license is allocated to the first remote user or desktop PC that requests access. Once allocated it is not assigned to anybody else. The licenses are not just used for concurrent users. When the user logs off their license is not made available for other users as its already been allocated so you need enough licenses to cover all your users. Batch licenses at discounted prices are available.

For example, if you have 5 remote users accessing your database using a web browser, and 2 office staff connecting using our desktop software then 7 cloud licenses would be required.

You can reset the license names recorded on your account and free all licenses to remove any names that no longer use the service. As an Administrator of your account, using a browser, login to your cloud account and choose the Settings page and at the bottom check the option 'Reset recorded login user names' and press 'Save Settings'.

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