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Use our group scheduling application, either as a desktop application, or as an online service with mobile apps. It can sync with your BlackBerry by using Outlook integration or the iCalendar file.

The iCalendar (ICS) file format is generally unsupported by some BlackBerry smartphones, so you cannot import the files directly. If you want to import them, you may need to import the ICS into Outlook and then sync your BlackBerry with Outlook. Outlook is the standard program used by BlackBerry to sync with computer applications.

ICS files are sent automatically with every email alert, you can also create them from the event window using Print and selecting the ICS template.

1, Click \'Start,\' then type \'Outlook\' and press \'Enter.\' Click \'Calendar.\'

2, Click \'File,\' then \'Import and Export,\' and then \'Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file.\' Click \'Next.\' Locate the ICS files you want to import to your BlackBerry, select them and click \'OK.\' This will import your Calendar information. Repeat this with any ICS files you wish to import.

3, Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via USB and the BlackBerry Desktop Software will automatically open.

4, Click \'Organizer,\' then \'Setup.\' Select \'Microsoft Outlook\' from the list. Then click \'Calendar,\' \'Next\' and \'Finish.\'

5, Click \'Sync.\' Your ICS files will now be synced to your BlackBerry.

2013-03-14 12:25:48

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