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Both our desktop scheduling software and online scheduling service have many common features but there are some differences. Our desktop product and online service can work together to give local access and your remote users browser access.

The online service is run on our servers on the Internet and accessed via a browser on any device, or our mobile apps from the various app stores. We backup, manage and look after your database.

The desktop software is installed on your Windows PC, or in a Windows VM on a Mac or Linux computer. You manage your local database.

Some Online only features include:

  • Access using a phone, tablet or desktop browser
  • Task and ToDo type bookings
  • Unlimited color markers on an event/task
  • Upload documents to your accounts online storage for remote access
  • Formatting and styling of the event and tasks notes
  • Dedicate graphical dashboard
  • Advanced reports including the ability to use Formulas
  • Use of our mobile phone and tablet apps
  • Access anywhere with an Internet connection (offline too)
  • Mapping and location tracking
  • Messaging between users
  • A number of graphical enhancements including resource photos
  • 2 way iCal calendar syncing

    Some Desktop only features include:

  • Use your own file, MySQL, or MSSQL local database
  • Ability to access multiple local databases you store
  • Multi-level level groups, sub-group and sub-resources
  • Parent/Child relationships between events
  • Resource Stock/Unit and Question/Answer types
  • Advanced data importing and exporting via CSV and other data formats
  • Custom Rules
  • Unlimited activity log history

    NOTE: This is not a definitive list so please contact us if a feature is important for you, to be sure its in the version you need.
  • 2015-05-13 07:57:40