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  • View more details on our Online licensing.

  • View more details on our Desktop licensing.

    Online Licensing

    Choose the account type based on the features and support your company needs. A company can only have one account type. You cannot mix accounts, or have a mix of licenses from different accounts. You control access by giving each user the view and edit permissions you want

    Every user you create in your account and allow access to your schedule, either via a browser or our mobile apps, needs a license. A license is needed for every user no matter the level of access you gave them.

    The account type and number of licenses you choose sets the number of events you can add to your account each month. For example, with 1 Business online license you can add up to 1000 events per month across all your resources. With 2 Business online license you can add up to 2000 events, 1000 for each license. Add more licenses to increase your monthly limit.

    Free access to a resources events are possible using Shared Calendars for users of Outlook, Google calendar, Apple iCal, and many other applications on many devices. You can also email each resource of activity to their schedule.

    The account type and number of licenses you choose sets the number of resources that can be given shared information for free, Startup = 3:1, Business = 6:1, Enterprise = 12:1. For example, with 1 Business online license you can share the calendars of 6 of your resources, and email to 6 approved addresses. You can add extra licenses to your account to increase the amount of sharing needed.


    Desktop Licensing

    A single license can schedule an unlimited number of resources, employees, customers, tasks and other resources. All licenses include desktop software upgrades free and support during the period of the license at no additional cost.

    The Standard and Professional Desktop licenses are for users where networking sharing maybe required and more than one user maybe accessing the same database. A license is required for each desktop installation, or client with shared access to Schedule it. Professional licenses using SQL or MySQL are recommended for larger storage needs, or over 10 users.

    Schedule it desktop can share data externally with/for 3 resources. This is increased in multiples of 3 for every additional license purchased. This can be an approved email list of 3 addresses for sending or receiving email alerts, 3 resources in the Web Output, 3 Outlook integration paths, and the creation of 3 remote subscription calendars. Bulk license packs (x100 licenses) are available which give unlimited sharing and removes the 3:1 ratio. Click here to get help calculating your licenses.

    Desktop License Renewals

    If your current license is due to expire, has expired, or your trial period has ended you can renew or purchase new licenses anytime directly from our website. For more details on our renewal procedures please click here to visit our Renewals page.

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