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Windows desktop scheduling software for multiple users over a simple network with up to 10 users

Windows desktop scheduling software for every business with all features and advanced networking

Windows desktop scheduling software for larger businesses over 50 users and unlimited sharing

Startup Business Enterprise
Add unlimited resources, including people, clients, rooms and equipment
Access a shared database file on the same network with other users
Receive support and help via email
Support target response (SLA) 2 days 4 hours 4 hours
Share events and resources calendar links and HTML (per paid license) (info)
E.g. With 5 Business licenses share with 15 external calendars
3:1 3:1 Unlimited
Live support via telephone, live chat, and priority email
Synchronize with our online scheduling software (existing account required)
Access SQL databases on any local or remote network with other users
Use your own MySQL, MSSQL or Cloud databases
Live one on one remote support
Host your desktop database on our SQL servers (existing license required)

Discounts based on quantity, over 10 is 3%, over 25 is 6%, over 50 is 10%, over 100 is 20%.
Based on 12 month prepay and excludes VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Desktop Version

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Is there a long-term contract we need to sign?

Can we add new users/licenses later?

Can we have a mixture of licenses for different users in our company?

Is there any live training for your scheduling software?

What is the difference between the desktop and online versions?

Can we have a mix of the desktop and online versions?

Can we synchronize an online account with the desktop scheduling software?


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