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Use our advance calendaring software to create schedules and calendars for all your staff, employees, customers, clients, rooms and any other resources.

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Resource scheduling software

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Our calendaring software is helping over 3500 clients to improve resource efficiency, maximize utilisation, minimize wasted time and reduce overall costs.

User Benefits and Features

  • Easy to use, full drag & drop calendars
  • Single or groups calendars
  • Read and write together with multiple users, multi-user calendars
  • Eliminate double bookings with full conflict resolution
  • Link relevant personnel forms and documentation
  • Time management, booking and tracking
  • Remote calendar access on mobile devices
  • Reporting on many metrics
  • Share and email calendars with other users

Types of Calendar Appointments and Bookings

  • Personal calendar appointments
  • Job, task, or event management
  • Holiday planner
  • Office rota planning
  • Attendance and sickness recording
  • Training records and schedules


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