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Features and Benefits of our Scheduling Software

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Our scheduling software will help you improve your efficiency and reduce your costs. It also allows you to schedule all your resources in one tool to eliminate double bookings and monitor utilization.

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Our Features and Benefits Overview

  • Easy to use, clean and clear interface - See the visibility of all your resources
  • Create workload schedules, shift plans, work and task lists
  • Schedule 1000's of resources in a single easy to use application
  • Automated checks - Check for the correct skills, availability and conflicts
  • Share - Share via Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, Email, SMS, Internet
  • Access with any device - Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android

Quick and Easy Scheduling

Add, edit, move and reallocate events with a simple mouse click. Quick resource allocation and the ease of updating your schedules saves you time.

Schedule Staff, Projects, Clients and More

Schedule multiple groups of resources all in one place. Plan all your staff, clients, projects, equipment, tasks and any other important activities you need to track.

Unlimited Event and Task History

Full event history for your staff, clients and other resources. Once planned it's never lost and always available for viewing and reporting on.

Integrate with 1000+ Other Services

Receive schedule alerts, reminders and updates in your favorite communication tools. Share your schedules with other software and services you already use.

Reports and Statistical Analysis

Quickly get reports on any of your resources or events. Easily see utilization and other statistical information for your planned resources.

Access Anywhere on Any Device

Use on any device with our desktop software, web access or mobile apps. View in other tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and more.


6 Flexible Views

View your schedules and activity by the day, week, month, as a list, in schedule view or Gantt style. The large number of possible views help in displaying your data in the best format to fit your needs.


Requirements and Skills

Set the skills and abilities of your resources then the event can hide resources that are not suitable, qualified or that don't have the requirements you need to perform the task in the event.


Expenses, Costs and Finance

Add expenses and finance information to each event to track and record income or outgoings specific for that event and see a calculated total. Allow remote users to track their own expenses for their events and record payments made.


Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal Integration

Synchronize events using shared calendars or automatic desktop email alerts with ICS attachments to remote users which can be automatically imported into their calendar upon delivery. Or inject directly to single Outlook calendar of exchange server from the desktop application.


CRM and Managed Information

Use the integrated database to manage your customer, client, order, and activity records. Record activity and orders with linked documentation and live account status. All visible or hidden from the graphical views.


Reminders, Warnings and Alerts

Receive email and message reminders from events. Get warnings when events are double booking chosen resources. Receive emails when event updates in a resource are added or modified.


User Access Control

Create individual users and set access levels for each. Set a users read, write and modify permission on events and resource levels including which resources a user can view and interact with.


Import and Export

Use our desktop software to import data from external systems and export data in many formats. Export to PDF, CSV, JPG, BMP, TXT, DOC and vCalendar format.


HTML Output and Online Scheduling

From the desktop software you can output your office database manually or automatically to HTML files including upload via FTP to your local or remote server. Synchronize events with your online account for access by remote users.


Schedule with Satellite Navigation

View the location of remote resources and get directions using the Google Maps interface. Using the desktop software you can send events and orders and get live feedback using the integrated live satellite tracking and order management with TomTom WEBFLEET.


Desktop Power Features...


Fully Customizable Interface

Customize all program text, alerts, messages and fields to suit your business needs.


User Defined, Rules Based, Alerts and Warnings

Create your own set of rules that can trigger alerts and warnings when saving events that must match specific requirements.


Health and Safety and Working Hours Compliance Rules

Warn or block events from being saved where resources don't have the required skills, qualifications, or that break any working time rules you have, for example the Working Time Directive for Europe and the UK.


System Integration

Integrate our software to many other systems, including SAP, Service Director, Microsoft CRM, TomTom, Google Maps and many others, with simple API calls, or flat file transfers, all automatically.

Scheduling Software
Fast and Easy to Use Scheduling Software
Save time and money with the complete solution to all your scheduling and planning needs.

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